I should post more often.

Yep, I should.  I should run down the list here.  I’ve had the Prius for a year now.  I love it, still.  When I trade the Prius in, I’ve thought about getting the Lexus hybrid or going full on to a Tesla electric vehicle.  I hope that Tesla keeps going strong.  For more information about Tesla, Google.

The distro: well, with a real full time job, I just haven’t had time to do anything with the idea.  Every once in a while, I do some research.  But, I believe the pot is full, so I really don’t put forth the effort.

The tornado: we’re approaching the anniversary.  Much work has been done in Joplin.  The area is less naked now, but still a lot is missing.  My coworker, whose house was destroyed by the tornado, moved to Pennsylvania.  We still work together, just online now.

Python: still really into Python.  I really love this language.  I’ve moved a lot of my code over to GitHub.  Some code I use for scripting stuff I do at work.  Other things are a bit more useful for others.  My recent project is making a GUI frontend for inxi, inxi-gui.  Yep, a lot of thought went into the name.  So far, I have a Tkinter(tk) version and a PySide (QT) version.  The PySide version is not as advanced as the Tkinter version.  Both are a learning experience. 

For a real job, I develop web applications in Javascript and Java.  We use ReST, SOAP, and a variety of other acronyms.  We use Extjs for our Javascript framework.  It’s a nice framework.  I can’t say I enjoy Java a lot, but at least it’s fairly straight forward.  Groovy is so much nicer.  It’s what happens when a Python drinks some Java, while wearing Perls, and other fun stuff. 

Oh, the chickens.  They are laying like mad.  Nearly 20 eggs per day from the flock.  They make great pets.  They don’t require much of you.  They don’t lick your face, after licking their junk.  They don’t cough up furballs around the house.  But, they don’t potty train well.  The roosters like to announce when they believe everyone should wakeup.  

Well, I think I’ll keep this post short.  I’m going to try to post once a week and discuss something I learned for the week.  Last week, it was KML and OpenLayers. Go Chickens!